Modern vs. Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Are you considering new kitchen cabinets? It’s important that the style complements the look and feel of your kitchen. Your cabinets should be traditional if you have a traditional kitchen and modern if your kitchen design is more progressive.

Modern vs. Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

(Pixabay / ErikaWittlieb)

Traditional kitchen cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinets incorporate enduring designs. They may be thick and bulky with a darker color and tend to use slopes and curves with soft edges. They may use natural or plain textures in addition to brass handles and knobs. Traditional kitchen cabinets may be described as rustic. They may have doors that open out on hinges, with some of the accent cabinets having glass fronts.

If you install a traditional kitchen cabinet, your entire house should generally embody a traditional design. You will usually find traditional cabinets in country homes, farmhouses, cottages, and older houses. These cabinets may also be found in newer houses that intentionally incorporate Old World design.

Modern kitchen cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets have moved toward functionality, allowing for multiple uses for every available space. The design of modern kitchen cabinets is sleek, with hard edges and an economical construct to make the cabinets appear more compact.

Modern kitchen cabinets use various materials. These could include wood and metal and generous use of glass. Modern kitchen cabinets focus on functionality, making them ideal for time-strapped chefs.

Contemporary cabinets are not as bulky as their traditional counterparts. The door system employs a slick style of opening, usually incorporating sliding drawers instead of doors that pan out on hinges. Modern kitchen cabinets complement today’s technologically advanced kitchen appliances, minimalist design, and emphasis on open spaces.

There’s no right or wrong choice. Choose the cabinets that best suit your preferences and mesh with the look of your home as a whole.