Neutral Kitchen Spiced Up

Kitchens that utilize a neutral color scheme can help enhance natural lighting, while also offering a clean and fresh look. However, many naysayers believe that this type of color scheme is boring for a room that is considered the heart of the home. The truth is, however, that there are ways to keep your kitchen both neutral and exciting. Some simple changes can help breathe life into your kitchen, while also taking advantage of the benefits of a natural color scheme.

Neutral Kitchen Spiced Up

(Pixabay / u_jup1hbno)

Here are some things to consider if you want to spice up your kitchen while keeping neutral tones:

Don’t stick with white — When you think of a neutral color, your mind might automatically go to white. If your kitchen is all white, that might be a little overwhelming. One way to balance that out is to use different tints of brown for warmth or bring in gray shades to cool down the room. Adding some of these lighter colors will help give dimension and flavor to the room.

Add bright metallic features — One way to dress up your kitchen is through light fixtures, cabinet handles, and faucets. Consider using gold or brass fixtures in your kitchen to help add character, while not sacrificing the sleekness that comes from the neutral scheme.

Provide some contrast — One way to make your neutral kitchen pop more is to use darker neutrals like dark gray or black to make certain aspects of the room pop. For example, if you have prominent display cabinets in your kitchen, you might consider painting them a dark gray or black to draw people’s attention to them. Additionally, you can paint the walls of your kitchen island to add a splash of color to the room, as long as the colors tie in with the rest of the ensemble.

Bring in patterns — Bringing patterns into the room can add zest. You can incorporate a patterned tile or laminate flooring or use backsplashes with color accents that tie in with other features in the kitchen.

Accent with wood — You can make your kitchen more homey by adding wood accents throughout to warm up the room. You can do so by using a wood kitchen table and chairs, adding a side table, or using wooden stools at your breakfast bar. Just make sure the color of the wood matches the style of the rest of the room.

Get creative with cabinetry — Don’t settle for plain old cabinets. Cabinets with glass doors or shelves with no doors can provide exciting elements to look at while maintaining the theme of the room. Additionally, you can purchase cabinets that have glass panes with designs included in them.

While people may consider a neutral kitchen to be boring, if you add some eye-catching elements to the room, you can make your kitchen stand out while not sacrificing the benefits that neutral colors provide.