New Ways to Light up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is not just for cooking. It’s the hub of the home where family members meet to talk, plan, and prepare and eat food together. The lighting of your kitchen will brighten up cooking tasks and also create a welcoming space for family members and friends.

New Ways to Light up Your Kitchen

(Pixabay / planundmehr)

The following are some lighting tips for your kitchen:

  • Do away with pendants over the island – Putting pendant lights over a kitchen island has become an old standard. Make your kitchen different by installing a flush-mounted lighting fixture over your island to create a skylight effect.
  • Use layers – A single lighting fixture will not provide the necessary illumination for your kitchen. Install a primary overhead light source and add layers of smaller lights for various tasks. This might include lighting over your food prep station, stove, and kitchen sink. Layered lights will help reduce the glare in your kitchen.
  • General lighting over the walkways – Eliminate dark corners in your kitchen by putting general lighting directly over walkways and other important kitchen areas. Installing recessed fixtures will add beauty and elegance to your kitchen lighting.
  • Use dimmers – You don’t need full light in the kitchen every time you use it. You may want full brightness for food preparation, but dimmer lights can create a beautiful ambience for enjoying your meal.
  • Add wall sconces – Add a unique lighting touch to your kitchen by installing wall sconces. If you have artwork in your kitchen, install the sconces so that they illuminate the art. Use low-voltage bulbs for your wall sconces.
  • Use track lighting – Nobody wants to work in their own shadow. Shadows can be eliminated with the addition of track lighting. You can now use energy-efficient options for your track lights.
  • LED strip lights – These lights can complement your open kitchen shelves. Another option is to use puck lights to highlight the contents of your shelves.
  • Motion sensor lights in storage spaces – We’ve all experienced trying to find something in the dark recesses of a cabinet or pantry. Install motion-activated lights to eliminate this problem.

With the proper lighting, your kitchen can become a much more inviting room.