New Year, New Home Remodel

Hopes are high with the arrival of a New Year. The misfortunes and missteps of the past year are behind us, and it’s time to set resolutions to improve our lives in the coming year. The most common goals revolve around health, wellness, interpersonal relationships, and finances, but you can set resolutions in any arena. If your home could use a facelift, consider resolving to improve it in meaningful ways this year. After all, we spent countless hours in our home, and having a beautiful environment helps our outlook on life.

New Year, New Home Remodel

(Pixabay / midascode)

Remodeling projects can add value to your home—particularly when you remodel the kitchen and bathroom. Even small improvements in these areas can appreciate your home.

Kitchen remodeling

Most people consider the kitchen to be the nerve center of the home. We entertain guests, cook, have family dinners, do homework, and host family meetings in the kitchen. Updates to this focal area of your home often yield a full return on the original investment.

You should be cautious, however, not to overdo the upgrade. The possibilities are endless, but don’t get sucked into spending more than you’ll be able to recover later. Going overboard could actually work against you. You could sink more money into your kitchen than potential buyers are willing to pay for.

Start simple with your kitchen facelift. Rather than tearing down walls, try repainting. You can also replace hardware on cabinetry and add a new countertop. Examine your budget and prioritize your projects accordingly.

Bathroom remodeling

If you live in an older home, you may wish for more bathrooms. So rather than simply remodeling, you may need to add another bathroom. Most people in the market for a new home want at least two bathrooms for a family of four. With everyone trying to get out of the house in the morning for school and work, few people have the patience for just one bathroom anymore. If you add a new bathroom, spruce up the existing bathroom so that the style and flair are consistent between the two rooms.

Set out a calendar for your year and decide which improvements you want to make by specified dates. Rather than just daydreaming about your ideal house, designate 2018 as the year that you start making it a reality.