Out of the Ordinary Bathrooms

When remodeling their bathrooms, some people come up with bold and extraordinary design concepts that you won’t find elsewhere. These unique bathroom designs may be considered exotic or far-out, but the homeowners find enjoyment and fulfilment in them.

Out of the Ordinary Bathrooms

(Pixabay / Reisefreiheit_eu)

The creation of a unique bathroom requires a lot of inspiration. From choosing the color scheme to selecting the décor, designing a bathroom can be very overwhelming. Some designers play it safe, choosing only neutral and minimalist designs that are expected to last the test of time. However, there are some imaginative and highly-adventurous designers who think outside the box and bring luxury into the bathroom.

If you’re contemplating a unique bathroom design, you don’t need to compromise functionality for design. It may take a little bit of work, but the two elements can work hand-in-hand to create an exceptional look.

The following are some of the extraordinary bathrooms that have been designed by imaginative owners and designers:

  • For the Skiing Enthusiast – When you enter this bathroom, you feel like you are on top of a snow-covered mountain peak, looking down onto a beautiful ski course. Sitting on the toilet feels like you are getting ready to kick up some fresh powder on your trip down the mountain because all of the walls of the bathroom are plastered with wallpaper that depicts a view of surrounding mountains and a ski course below. Every trip to this bathroom feels like an adventure.
  • For the Industrialist – Raw concrete and clean lines are the main features of a bathroom in a home in Barcelona. The seemingly unfinished walls bring texture and a sense of the industrial to this bathroom.
  • For Those Who Aren’t Afraid of Heights – The walls of this bathroom look like the facades of skyscrapers in a crowded corner of the city. Upon entering the bathroom, you feel like you’re looking down from the top floor of one of the buildings, but all you see is a simple, white toilet.•
  • For the Nature Lover – This bathroom is designed in such a manner that the bathtub appears to be located next to the entrance door of a foyer, with lush trees on both sides. It creates the impression that the bathtub is in the wrong place.
  • For the Classic at Heart – A master’s bathroom in a luxury home was remodeled in such a manner that it also became a private haven where the owners could relax and catch up together with the news of the day. There are two luxurious metallic bathtubs with their respective heated towel rails for him and her.

The floor and walls are made of marble. It is more than a bathroom because it is also an intimate, private space for the masters of the house to spend time together.
These extraordinary bathrooms are the result of creativity, adventure, and whimsy. If you have it in you to go bold, consider a variation on one of these ideas for your bathroom remodel.