Past New Year Home Improvements That You Still Love Years Later

Are you dying to improve your home but afraid to make the leap? As you’ll see from these crowd-sourced accounts of home improvements that delight throughout the years, an investment in your home can be one of the best you’ll make. Read on to learn more.

Past New Year Home Improvements That You Still Love Years Later

Sarah Macklin

Sarah Macklin is an interior design lover and the creator of Dream of Home, a budget interiors and home renovation blog. She and her husband are planning to buy their second home that they can remodel soon.

Second-hand kitchen for $1000

When we bought our home, we didn’t have a large budget to put towards the remodeling. However, we found our $25k second-hand kitchen on eBay and only paid $1000 for it. This price included the units, granite work surfaces, range cooker, the sink, the extractor fan, and a fridge and freezer. My husband installed it himself. Not only was this an amazing price, but it’s my favorite room in our house. The kitchen is truly beautiful and every time I see it, I still can’t believe how cheap it was.

Fantastic contractor

As someone who loves to cook, I’ve always wanted a large kitchen, but it was well out of my price range. Remodeling on my own was never an option. I was afraid my lack of expertise would lead to a shoddy job that a professional would just need to come in and correct anyway. I made due in my small kitchen with barely enough space for the necessary appliances. By the time Christmas rolled around, I was having to shoo family members out of the kitchen because there just wasn’t room for anyone else.

I decided that the next year was going to be the year I got the kitchen I’d always wanted — complete with a large island, butcher block counters, and a breakfast nook. I had a hard time finding a contractor that could fit my budget and do the remodel I wanted. Eventually I found a fantastic contractor who gave me a spacious kitchen that I could actually afford. The new kitchen has made me much more excited to cook, and I’m happy to say that this past Christmas, I didn’t have to shoo anyone away. The remodel was everything I could have asked for, and I can’t imagine a year will go by that I won’t be glad I pulled the trigger.

Courtney Keene

Courtney Keene, Director of Operations of MyRoofingPal, an online marketplace that connects people with the best local residential and commercial home improvement contractors in 4,000 cities across the U.S.

Marty Basher

Marty Basher is with Modular Closets. Marty’s insight on home improvement, design, and related topics has been featured in Make It Better, Freshome, Reader’s Digest,, Cheapism, USA Today, MSN, Huffington Post, Martha Stewart Living and more.

Closet makeover

One of my favorite home remodels was a closet makeover. Honestly, there is nothing worse than wasting time and energy getting ready every morning with a disorganized closet that doesn’t have the functionality you need. I find that I actually spend less on new clothing items because I am better able to mix and match what I already have.

I love the fact that you no longer have to spend thousands for a professional closet design. With DIY high-quality closet units you can buy online, you can have your very own custom closet that’s affordable, easy to install and beautiful. There’s nothing better than an uncluttered, clean, organized closet to start off and end your day!

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