Preserving your Hardwood Floors

If you are looking to remodel your home, you may be entertaining the idea of installing hardwood floors. Hardwood floors look beautiful, wear well (as long as you care for them), and go a long way to enhance your home’s resale value.

Preserving your Hardwood Floors

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There are many brands of hardwood flooring available on the market today. Mohawk hardwood flooring is the brand of choice for many home contractors and remodelers because of its quality, beauty, and strength. Mohawk hardwood flooring can look like new many years after installation with a little help from the homeowner.

Caring for your Mohawk hardwood floor is simple. You can vacuum or sweep the floor regularly, using a soft-bristled attachment or broom. This simple cleaning procedure will prevent the buildup of dirt and grime without scratching the surface of the floor. Avoid using vacuum cleaners with a powered rotary brush head.

To keep the hardwood floor from fading, install UV-ray blocking window film or curtains. This will prevent excessive heating of the floor’s surface from direct sunlight. Any type of wood will age faster with continuous exposure to the rays of the sun.

If you spill liquid on your hardwood floor, be sure to clean it up immediately with a soft cloth. Wood surfaces are prone to scratching. You can care for your Mohawk hardwood flooring by making sure that your pets’ nails are regularly clipped and that their paws are free of dirt buildup. Use a humidifier during the hot days of summer to keep the hardwood floor from shrinking. Avoid dragging chairs or sharp items across the floor or walking with high heels that could leave dents in the flooring.

The use of quality floor mats, area rugs, and protective pads on heavy furniture will provide an extra layer of protection to your Mohawk hardwood floor. Floor mats that collect dirt should be strategically placed at all the entrances and exits of the house. Don’t use an excessive amount of water when you clean the floors. You should also avoid cleaners such as oil soaps.

Your Mohawk hardwood floor will last for many years as long as you know to take good care of it. If you plan to do home remodeling in Seattle, talk to your remodeling contractor in Seattle about Mohawk hardwood flooring.