Proper Eye Protection

Your eyes are your window to the world. You need your eyes for everything around the house, home maintenance, chores, or simply to take in the beauty of the world. In recognition of Healthy Vision Month, here are some eye care tips for proper eye health and protection.

Proper Eye Protection

1. Visit your ophthalmologist for a comprehensive eye exam. The years of use and abuse of your eyes, like spending long hours in front of the computer, reading a book under a poor lighting condition or not protecting your eyes when using harsh and strong cleaning agents and chemicals may cause damage to your eyes. A regular checkup can find underlying issues that you may not have even known were on the horizon.

2. Use protective glasses. Whether you’re a tinkerer in the garage or an avid computer user, there’s a form of eye protection for any type of activity that you enjoy.

3. Use sunglasses. The sun is beautiful, but its rays can cause damage to your eyes with too much exposure. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes while soaking up the sun. Double down and get some polarized sunglasses for the ultimate protection and visibility.

4. Always use proper lighting when reading or doing other tasks. Reading under poor lighting can cause poor eyesight.

5. Minimize glare to avoid eye strain. Staring at the computer’s monitor for too long will strain your eyes. Sit at a distance and consider using an anti-glare screen on the monitor of your computer to avoid straining your eyes.

6. Blink. Blinking help lubricates your eyes naturally. Obviously, you blink naturally, but if you feel your eyes drying out you can take a quick break. During your break, blink your eyes consecutively to re-moisturize them.