Proper Safety Measures While Working At Home or in the Attic

Homes are considered as a person’s sacred sanctuary. A manifestation of respect towards your home is making sure that it is always spic and span, squeaky clean, or maintained and kept in good condition.

Proper Safety Measures While Working At Home or in the Attic
Depending on what type of home improvement upgrades you have in mind, big or small, working around the home can be a task that requires protective gear and proper clothing. Even if you’re just cleaning, cleaning solutions are usually harsh on the skin or may be harmful if ingested.
So, what do you do? It is wise to educate yourself on the varying types of protective gear and attire that is proper working around the home.

For your hands, make sure to wear a pair of gloves before you start working. Gloves serve the user depending on the nature of work being done. Pick the one that suits the work best.

  • latex or rubber gloves for cleaning
  • leather gloves for intense or dirty work
  • heat/thermal resistant, non-conductive gloves for electrical work

If you’re painting than simply throw on an old pair of clothes. However, there is specialty apparel and accessories for certain work around the house, like hard hats for demolition or boots for protecting the toes.
Working in the Attic
When working in the attic, often the most disregarded spot in the home, gloves and protective clothing should be worn to minimize exposure and itchyness from insulation. Additionally, attics often lack proper ventilation. Attic spaces are often occupied with unused, old and disposed items, and the air in it is compressed, dirty and dusty.
Fiberglass and dirt/debris can clog your nose when not protected and may inhibit breathing. This is where the importance of dust masks comes into play. They protect your lungs from airborne contaminants or adverse chemicals. Dust masks are synthetic or paper filtering devices used to avoid dirt, dust and debris from entering into your nose and mouth. You can also use respirators, a device with a filter that traps the dust particles, while working in the attic. You should replace the filter with a new one when it is already filled with the dust and other contaminants.
As you can see, a lot of thought and preparation should go into home maintenance. What may sound like a simple task often requires preparation. To be safe, contacting a professional contractor is always encouraged for anything above and beyond light home maintenance. Protect yourself and get peace of mind by contacting a licensed, bonded, and insured Washington contractor like Interior Remodel Specialists.