Remodeling Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

To some, a small bathroom may feel intimate and cozy. To others, it may feel cramped and claustrophobic—especially if they have to share it with someone else. If expanding the size of your bathroom is out of the question because of space or budgetary constraints, there are ways to remodel your bathroom to make it look bigger.

Remodeling Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

(Pixabay / jarmoluk)

Try these tips to give the illusion of more space:

  • Keep everything in the same color or tone – Your bathroom will look smaller if you have light walls and dark tiles. The contrast in color uses up visual space. You can reverse the effect by using a uniform color scheme.
  • Install the tile in the shower up to the ceiling – Some people stop their tiles about a foot from the ceiling and finish the edges with bullnose trim. You can extend the tiles up to the ceiling instead. The area will look larger with the absence of the contrast and the transition.
  • Use clear glass in the shower – Most people opt for textured glass in the shower, but seeing yet another wall makes a bathroom look even smaller. Clear glass will remove visual barriers.
  • Stretch that mirror – Be generous with the size of your bathroom mirror. Purchase one that is as tall and wide as possible. Add lighting in front of the mirror to improve the light’s impact and give the illusion of a larger space.
  • Add plenty of natural light – Some people achieve privacy in their bathroom by installing shutters or blackouts on their bathroom windows. Try covering the windows with translucent shades that will let natural light in. The more natural light you allow into your bathroom, the larger it will look.
  • Use recessed cabinetry – Any part or fixture of the bathroom that protrudes will rob it of space. Opt for recessed wall shelving.

If you’re a Washington resident feeling hemmed in by your small bathroom, you have options. If you need help making adjustments, call in an expert in bath remodels in Seattle. A few tweaks to your current bathroom can make it feel far more spacious.