Revitalize Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen ready for a face lift? The kitchen is the hub of the home—the place where family members gather for meals, planning, and friendly banter. It plays host to your morning cup of coffee as well as your midnight snack. With so much traffic and activity, your kitchen may wear down faster than other rooms in the house.

Revitalize Your Kitchen

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Any renovation project can be daunting, but especially a kitchen upgrade. Improvements can be costly, and it can be hard to live normally with the home’s epicenter in tatters. Remaking your kitchen can be a wise investment, however, and can drive up your resale value significantly.

You don’t need to launch a total overhaul of your kitchen. A few improvements here and there can have a big impact. Here are just a couple ideas for kitchen upgrades that pack a big punch:

  • Add a fresh coat of color – You can revitalize your kitchen with a free day and a few gallons of paint. When your cabinets show the scratches and stains of many years, repaint them off-white to create a timeless and fresh look. If your walls are dingy, repaint them with sophisticated neutral colors to create the illusion of a bigger space.
  • Modernize the countertops – Still have Formica countertops? Consider an upgrade. Nothing dates a kitchen like an out-of-style counter surface. Replace the countertops with granite or faux granite to bring them up to date.
  • Change cabinet hardware – If your hinges show on your cabinet doors, change them out for European-style versions with hidden hardware.

If you live in the Pierce or King County areas of Washington State, contact an Auburn remodeling contractor. The pros can help you make a plan for your Auburn kitchen remodel that is beautiful, durable, and budget-friendly.