Self Improvement Month

The change of seasons is an ideal time to consider what changes you want to make in YOU. If you can’t think of changes you want personally, then how about in your home?

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, the first step is to get some ideas in mind. Interior Remodel Specialists knows how to help you progress from there. There are three questions to ask yourself.

Self Improvement Month

Does the budget match the dream? Don’t be ashamed to splurge on a home remodel. It’s called an “investment” for a reason. It pays itself back over time.Likewise, don’t be ashamed to cut back a little to stay within budget.

Future Plans
How long to do you plan to stay in your home? If you have plans to sell your home in the next five years, spend money in areas that better your chances of selling your house for more. If you are anticipating staying in your house more than five years, then redesign your home to make you and your family more comfortable.

Lastly, what’s most important to you? New cabinets? New appliances? Write down your priorities so that if surprises come up you know where to adjust first. Also, make a list of features you would like but are not a necessity, like crown molding, light fixtures, etc. If there is money leftover, you can choose to add what you like best and fits in the budget.

If you find yourself going overboard and spending too much money, don’t hesitate to take a step back and re-prioritize. You can overspend and forget about the original budget. Stick to your budget and follow original plans.

Let Interior Remodel Specialists help you create the kitchen or bath of your dreams and a place where you and your family can spend time together. For more guidance on cabinets, countertops, hardwood floors and more, call us today at 1-844-328-7333.