Shower Stalls & Kits


All the Accessible Shower Stalls are conveniently packaged with various pre-selected, unique fixtures.The low threshold walk in showers stalls are great for any user in need of safer bathing. The shower stall walls are molded using a spray on acrylic finish called Acrylx, reinforced with wood and fiberglass, resulting in a rigid shower surround with easy-to-clean, smooth interior surface. The steel pipe reinforcement is used in the larger shower wall panels to withstand warping and achieve the precise wall & shower base fit. The finish features a stylish simulated tile pattern for the walls and an anti-slip texture for the shower base floor. Shower finishes are available in three color options (white, bone or biscuit) and also in a variety of fixture package options.

Due to the shower wall reinforcement, the wall is durable enough to withstand the installation of additional accessories, such as grab bars and shower seats. These accessories can be placed at the desired height during the shower installation or any time after installation to satisfy the accessibility needs of the current or future home owners.

We offer many different types of categories for our showers. There is Multi-Piece, One-Piece, or Acrylic Wall Liners. Multi-Piece units are perfect for remodeling an old bathroom while One-Piece units are great for contractors working in new construction. Acrylic Wall Liners are also great for remodeling old bathrooms. Instead of buying a new shower one just has to pick from our large selection of colored wall liners and install it over their current shower. Accessories can be added here as well to create the perfect bathroom. Each category offers an array of sizes to fit any sized bathroom. The most popular include 60×32 that replace old tiled bathtubs. Another popular size is 48×36 which helps to replace narrower shower stalls in smaller bathrooms.  Offers much more than just the popular sizes though. We want our showers to fit any sized bathroom.

Multi-Piece (Remodelers) Shower Stalls & Kits

Multi-Piece Shower Units(also known as modular shower units) are the best option for a residential installation with an existing bathroom (i.e. modification or remodel). This is for two main reasons: 1) A multi-piece unit will easily fit down hallways and through most doors which makes it easier to get the shower to the bathroom without struggle. 2) The unit has less weight per piece which makes it more manageable to transport with less equipment. The multi-piece units are very customizable. We offer low threshold units, low threshold units with a molded seat, barrier free units, and ADA compatible units. In addition to the different types of units, you can also customize the accessories based on the packages we offer. Accessories can include different types of safety grab bars, bi-folding seats, shower valves, and more  All the walls are reinforced with wood and steel backing to allow custom placement of these accessories for each individual’s needs. The Multi-Piece units come with a self-locking aluminum Pin and Slot System that allows the shower walls and the shower base to be conveniently installed from the front. Each Multi-Piece shower comes with a 30 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty (on shower walls). Multi-Piece units are great for consumers looking for optimal customization along with easy and convenient installation.

Shower Stalls & Kits
Low Threshold Multi-Piece Showers
Manufactured with the same quality and attention to detail as all of our shower systems, Low Threshold Showers Stalls make a great upgrade for any bathroom. These USA-made shower systems are designed with safety and comfort in mind all in affordable packages. Mindful construction and premium wood backed walls eliminate the need for extra studs or reinforced drywall for accessory support. Low Threshold showers offer several packages depending on your specific needs. There is standard, plus 24, plus 36, deluxe, and freedom. Each package comes with an array of accessories that can be placed at any desired height. Each unit comes with a low threshold step of about 4 inches to provide easy access. If your project allows for a low threshold 4” step-in height, and can benefit from grab bars that can be installed anywhere, then a low threshold unit is your best choice. Click the image to learn more.
The Low Threshold Showers with a Molded Seat are engineered with wood and Acrylx reinforced walls to provide a sturdy foundation.  The wood backed walls allow for accessories to be installed anywhere the customer chooses without having to add extra studs or a drywall backing. Low Threshold showers offer several packages depending on your specific needs. There is standard, plus 24, plus 36, freedom, and prestige. Each package comes with an array of accessories that can be placed at any desired height. Each unit comes with a low threshold step of about 4 inches to provide easy access. What separates these units from the regular low threshold units is the molded seat. Each Low Threshold Shower with a Molded Seat offers the comfort of seating area built right into the shower mold. This can eliminate the need of extra accessories like the bi-folding seat. These showers are perfect for anyone looking for all the benefits of a low threshold shower and those looking to maximize comfort. Click the image to learn more.
Shower Stalls & Kits
Shower Stalls & Kits
Barrier Free Multi-Piece Showers
Roll In Shower Stalls (also known as Barrier Free, Zero Barrier or Wheelchair Accessible) feature beautiful, long lasting surfaces with easy front-side installation. All modular (multi-piece) showers are made in the USA. These shower units are manufactured using Acrylx sprayed on acrylic allowing for good looks, safety, and practicality. The walls are reinforced with wood and steel, which provides a sturdy foundation that allows the seat and grab bars to be positioned to meet the needs of any size bather. Barrier Free Showers offer several packages depending on your specific needs. There is standard, plus 24, plus 36, deluxe, and freedom. Each package comes with an array of accessories that can be placed at any desired height. Each unit comes with a shower base that has an incline to make it wheel chair accessible. The lack of a threshold hold also makes it easier for those with mobility issues as they won’t have to step over anything to get in. Barrier Free showers are a great option for those who need the extra attention to safety and mobility. Click the image to learn more.
ADA Multi-Piece Showers
ADA shower stall systems combine standard ADA specifications and eye-catching design. These systems are made using the same high quality, Acrylx acrylic finish over a solid steel-supported wood backing as our Low Threshold and Barrier Free shower systems. These walls are some of the strongest in the industry and allow for maximum flexibility in the placement of the included grab bars. The ADA barrier free shower features slip resistant floors with a low-grade, sloped threshold that guides the water toward the drain, allowing a bather enter and exit safely. Choose from three safety packages that will meet ADA requirements. Each package features ADA compliant components, including three grab bars and a four-legged, fold-up seat (bearing weight up to 500 lbs). Molded soap ledges are strategically located for easy reach while sitting or standing, giving the versatility that the whole family can utilize. These ADA Showers Systems are proudly produced in the USA. Click the image to learn more.
Shower Stalls & Kits

One Piece (New Construction) Shower Units

Bubbles now offers One-Piece Shower Units. The choice of a One-Piece Shower Unit is a great one for new construction installation. This is because they are shipped for immediate placement so they may be difficult to maneuver through hallways and doors. This is not a problem during new construction though where the contractor can place the complete shower in the proper place without a struggle. They offer the same premium quality as the multi-piece units and are shipped for immediate placement with factory-installed grab bars in predetermined locations. Since they are shipped in one piece, you will get a seamless pattern throughout the surface. There are also wood and steel reinforcements around the entry to support shower door installation, if desired. The One-Piece Shower unit is a contractor’s dream with our comprehensive packages, ready to install within one shipment. Call us at 800-480-6850 for more details.

Shower Stalls & Kits
Low Threshold One-Piece Showers
One Piece Low Threshold Showers are manufactured in the U.S with Acrylx applied acrylic finish. The walls have a wood backing for extra strength and durability. It is shipped in heavy duty crating to protect the product in transit. Since the shower is all in one piece, it has a smooth seamless surface with a beautiful diamond accent. The low threshold step in is only 4 inches high for easier accessibility. Each one piece low threshold shower kit includes the shower, molded soap ledges, anti-slip textured floor, pre-assembled accessories(with the exception of standard package), and 90 degree corners for easy shower door installation. Our one piece low threshold showers come in varying packages with different accessories to fill your needs. It also comes in 3 different sizes to fit the most common bathroom sizes.  Click the image to learn more.
Low Threshold One-Piece Showers With Molded Seat
One Piece Low Threshold Showers with Molded Seats have all the bells and whistles of the original one piece with the added benefit of a molded seat for extra comfort. Our one piece low threshold showers with molded seats are constructed of Acrylx applied acrylic, all backed by wood support. This creates extra durable, long lasting walls. It has a seamless, smooth surface which adds a nice aesthetic to your bathroom. Each one piece low threshold shower with molded seats kit includes a spacious molded seat, a molded soap ledge, anti-slip textured floor, 90 degree corners to make them shower door friendly, and pre-assembled fixtures(with the exception of Standard Package). It comes in various packages that include different accessories to fill your specific needs and it comes in 3 sizes that are most common for bathrooms. The one piece low threshold shower with a molded seat is one of our more popular options and is a great choice for any new construction project.  Click the image to learn more.
Shower Stalls & Kits

Shower Bases & Acrylic Wall Liners

Shower Stalls & Kits
Shower Bases
Bubbles offers many types of shower bases to fit your bathroom needs. All our shower bases are pre-leveled (no mudset required) to save installation time and the shower floors include an anti-slip texture to help reduce slippage. Our bases come in all different sizes to fit any sized shower. They also come in different drain options (right, left, or center) for better customization. Just like in our showers, we offer low threshold bases as well as barrier free bases. The low threshold base will have a low 4 inch step while the barrier free base will have an incline to make it wheelchair accessible. Click the image to learn more.
Acrylic Wall Liners

Our beautiful acrylic wall surrounds and accessories are the perfect fit to complete a quick weekend bathroom transformation. The wall color options and simulated tile patterns create the high-end look without the installation time or continued maintenance of stone tile. Without grout, no mold or fungus has space to grow. Our packages exhibit a high level of versatility and will compliment a new or existing bathtub, walk-in bathtub or shower base. A professional installation can be done in a small amount of time(as little as one day) depending on the complexity of the situation.

The wall panels are made of premium quality acrylic, made in the U.S.A., and improves any bathroom space affordably and efficiently. Choose an Acrylic Wall Liner Package with four different color panel options available in Standard (just wall panels), Complete and Complete Freedom including additional components, or completely customize your order with an easy 1-2-3 ordering process that features multiple combinations and tailored to your needs and preferences. Each wall surround comes complete with an Installation Kit. Are you ready to start your wall surround project? Click the image to learn more.

Shower Stalls & Kits