Spring Cleaning Home Maintenance Tips

Springtime brings a feeling of zest for life as flowers are in full bloom. The trees and other greens are lush plus great outdoor activities are inviting as the sun is shining brightly.

Spring Cleaning Home Maintenance Tips

In addition to spring being a great opportunity to get in recreational activities, it is also a perfect time to give your home some tender loving care by cleaning it thoroughly and maintaining its beauty.


Your roof is among the areas of a home most affected during the winter season. Hence, it should be thoroughly inspected upon spring and before winter. Check eaves, projections, and sidewalls for any holes, signs of leaks, etc.

Gutters and downspouts

When fall heads out the door, it drops a lot of leaves on the way out. These leaves build up and get trapped with the freezing rains once winter arrives. As the weather and temperature allow, remove leaves from your gutter and clean out drain spouts.


With moisture from the change of seasons, mold can sneak in. Prevent mold with regular, thorough cleanings of your siding with a pressure washer.

Check wood surfaces for paint or weathering failures. If the paint is peeling, scrape the loose part, sand smooth, and repaint. If the wood is showing through, sand the area, apply a primer coat then repaint.

Window and door screens

Winter can be a bit harsh. Cold winds and freezing temperatures can create holes in window and door screens. If you find a hole and it is small enough you can patch it to keep unwanted critters out. If the hole is too large to patch you can simply replace the screen.

While you’re at it, tighten any loose window or door frames. Many frames also weather after a few seasons. Sand down the frames and paint them with your preferred stain to restore their beauty.

Window sills, door sills, and thresholds

Window and door sills are continually exposed to harsh elements during winter. Fill cracks, apply caulk to the edges and if necessary, replace them.


During winter, landscape is usually left unattended, and bushes and vegetation can overgrow. Take advantage of the spring to cut back overgrown plants especially beside your home. Unmanaged vegetation can grow alongside a home and peel paint or remove siding. Larger trees can also cause roof damage during storms or bust through foundations with root growth.

Now that springtime is here make maintenance and cleaning of your home a priority. An ounce of prevention can lead to a longer lasting, more beautiful home.