Do This Before You Start Your Bathroom Remodel

Homeowners who want to improve the aesthetics and value of their house will often start with the bathroom. An upgraded bathroom can add value to any home.

Do This Before You Start Your Bathroom Remodel

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Remodeling your bathroom, or any part of your house for that matter, can be challenging—especially if it is the first time you have taken on such a task. Remodeling without a clear plan can lead to stress, confusion, and thousands of wasted dollars.

It’s imperative to start with a plan. Here are some tips to get your remodeling efforts rolling:

  • Envision what you want to be updated – Take a close look at your current bathroom and create a mental picture of what you want to see in its place. Get bathroom ideas from magazines and other sources until you arrive at a clear idea of your dream bathroom.
  • Make a budget – Based on what you want to change and install in your new bathroom, make an estimate of the associated expenses. Consider the price of each item, balancing quality with cost. In addition to supplies, anticipate the expenses of your hired help, including a Washington remodeling contractor to oversee the project.
  • Prioritize ventilation – You can have the most beautiful bathroom in the world, but it will be compromised if there is inadequate ventilation. The bathroom is a warm, moist place, and the ideal breeding ground for molds.
  • Base your design on functionality – There are endless options for beautifying your bathroom, but function should come first.

Remember that nearly every bathroom remodel project encounters some unexpected expenses. No matter how well you plan, there may be plumbing or ventilation issues that are hidden from view behind walls. They will not be exposed until you start the work. To head off some of these frustrations, consult with an expert before starting your bathroom remodeling project. Call Washington kitchen and bath professionals for estimates and plans.