How to Stick to Your Remodeling Budget

It’s a lot of work to remodel your kitchen and bathroom but also a lot of fun as you envision all of the possibilities. You might be imagining a kitchen with gleaming granite countertops and a bathroom with shiny brass faucets just like you have seen in magazines.

How to Stick to Your Remodeling Budget

(Pixabay / MamaShaw)

The challenge, of course, is balancing your desired upgrades with your budget. As you begin calculating costs, you may be stunned with how quickly they add up.

Before you get cold feet, though, know that taking a few wise measures in advance can increase your chances of staying within an affordable budget. Before proceeding with your Seattle kitchen and bath remodel, take the following steps:

  • Hire a home inspector – Big expenses can come from the surprises that may be uncovered during the remodeling process. For example, your work team may discover rotten subflooring when they pry open the bathroom floor. You can avoid surprises by hiring a home inspector who can sniff out potential problems.
  • Consult with remodeling experts – Remodeling experts will tell you the average expenses for each phase of your remodel. These estimates can help you budget ahead and determine how many upgrades you can afford.
  • Be upfront about the total budget – Tell your remodeling contractor right from the start what you need and expect. This can help prevent misunderstandings, disagreements, and ill feelings later.
  • Keep boundaries – Stick to your original plans. You might be tempted to add extra flourishes here and there, but too much of this could send you down a slippery and expensive slope.
  • Think beyond the sticker price – The sticker price should not be the sole consideration when you plan to install something. If you want a marble countertop, for example, you will be paying for much more than the slab. It has to be cut, edged, finished, and installed. The cost for your countertop might turn out to be double the sticker price on the slab itself.

Before you start your Seattle kitchen remodel, hire a general contractor. Unless you have the time and experience to assume this responsibility on your own, you’re better off assigning this to a professional. They can hire subcontractors and workers, purchase materials and accessories, and follow up on deliveries.