Stress Happens—But Don’t Let Your Kitchen Add to it

Let’s say you’ve had a stressful week. Maybe the kids had the usual temper tantrums, or more than usual. Maybe work has brutalized you, and your psyche is trying to recover. Or your in-laws stopped by. Life circumstances can create all kinds of unhealthy tensions in your life, and you can’t always control them. But you can control your environment.

Let’s say that your home, which should be a haven, is actually ratcheting up the stress in your life. Maybe your kitchen hasn’t been cleaned, or if it has, maybe it just never looks clean. Maybe it’s endless clutter on the countertops or not enough room to cook in or just a really bad design so that you waste time transitioning from one kitchen task to another.

Stress Happens—But Don’t Let Your Kitchen Add to it

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If you’re tired of all that, frustrated with coming home to a place you don’t feel at home, you can fix it. In reality, certain parts aren’t that hard to fix. Other things, however, may take some work from one of the best kitchen remodel teams Washington can offer.

Do it yourself

Let’s start with the simple things you can do all on your own.

  • Clean

This one is obvious. If the first thing you feel when entering your cooking room is disgust, look at what’s around. Touch the counter and floor with some skin. You’ll realize it just needs cleaning.

Start with the dishes. Clean each and every one of them. If they’re dishwasher safe (and you have one of those) load them up. This really helps clear away some of the clutter and it’s a nice, visual way to get things looking good.

After that, move to the counters. Scrub every last inch. Break open those Clorox wipes and wipe all the crumbs and spilled jam off. Move things around and clean under them. Clean the things you moved. Wash the sink now that it’s empty. If it helps, you can even wipe all that flour and those toast crumbs to the floor.

After you’ve gotten the counters done and scrubbed, move to the floors. Sweep. Get all the crumbs, mud and random, unidentifiable gunk up. Then mop.

You may have a firm belief in cleaning already. But if you don’t, it is a beautiful way to get yourself stress free. It’s a satisfying feeling that is guaranteed to help you calm down.

  • Declutter

Sometimes, it’s nice to keep things out. You can have them in easy reach, and it shows off all your nice kitchen utensils. But having too much out can really hurt your head, kind of like too much color on a picture.

If you leave your stand mixer, air fryer, or any other fun cooking toys out, try putting them elsewhere to streamline your kitchen. You can still leave them in sight, but at least get them off the counters and organized. One suggestion is a nice, metal shelf. These look crisp and clean and can keep things organized and out of the way.

  • Too many cooks in the kitchen

One thing a lot of people tend to struggle with is having too many people in one room. It can be loud, people cut each other off and it’s an all-around ruckus. If you’re one of these people, don’t be afraid to either leave the room to calm yourself from the commotion or set rules about how many people are allowed. It’s your kitchen, your rules.

Hire out

There’s more than just clutter and mess that make a kitchen stress central. Sometimes, it’s the general design and layout. To help fix that problem, you may need to hire a home remodeling team.

One thing people often do in the hopes of creating more room and counter space is to have a kitchen island installed. While this sounds like a good idea, it isn’t always. You only want to add an island if your kitchen has certain dimensions. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Make sure you have at least 42-48 inches of space around your island
  • If your kitchen is less than 13 feet wide, think twice before installing an island

If you decide to add that kitchen island without adequate space, be ready for even more stress. However, if it’s really something you want, look into recruiting a kitchen remodeling contractor in the greater Seattle area to make your kitchen spacious and airy. They can give you ideas for opening it up and then help you add the island.

If you really want to declutter, but don’t have the space, get more cupboards. An experienced contractor can help you with home storage solutions to make better use of your space. You can get closed doors or doorless cabinets, each with their own perks. Once you have these, you will have more places to keep your kitchen gadgets.

The final remodel tip we’ll give you is to keep in mind the kitchen triangle. The triangle legs should be no less than 4 feet between the sink, fridge and oven, and these legs should be no more than 9 feet apart. As you look toward a potential remodel, keep this in mind as it will help ensure optimal space and functionality for your kitchen.

If you feel ready to get rid of that daily home stress, look into these tips. Even if you have to spend some money, it’ll help your mental health, and it’s hard to put a price on that.