Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma is a great city for Interior Remodel Specialists to service. Census 2010 says that Tacoma is the home of 198,397 people. Families residing in the city counts up to 45,716. And 78,541 households are tallied. The population density was 3,864.9 residents per square mile.

Business in Tacoma, Washington

Known as the “City of Destiny,” Tacoma is the third largest city in Washington. It is the home of some remarkable international companies including lumber company Simpson, staffing company True Blue Inc. and the food companies Brown & Haley, and Roman Meal.

Settling around Commencement Bay, Tacoma is surrounded by a busy harbor. Its port, popularly known as “Port of Tacoma,” is one of the most significant ports in Washington, and now the center of international trade on the Pacific Coast. The port is also the host of oil refinery operations of U.S. Oil and Refining. Currently, it refines around 39,000 barrels of petroleum a day.

Tacoma, Washington Arts & Culture

Tacoma prides itself on its downtown farmers’ market that runs every Thursday in the Theatre District. This eye-catching market takes place from May through September.

Tacoma is a hot spot of cultural attractions. For the Tacoma citizens, these destinations are gems:

  • The Museum of Glass
  • Tacoma Art Museum
  • The Broadway Center for the Performing Arts
  • Fort Nisqually

Other than cultural destinations and events, the City also prides “Tacoma School of the Arts.” Opened in 2000, the institution focused on nurturing high-school students with arts. It has become notable in the country for innovating the old-fashioned educational system.

Tacoma, Washington Outdoor

Tacoma is known for its active municipal historic preservation program. The scope of the program includes over 1,000 historic properties and 165 individual City Landmarks. Parks and landmarks are considered treasures in the bustling city. Some of the most popular include:

  • Point Defiance Park
  • Wright Park
  • Jefferson Park
  • Frost Park
  • Wapato Park
  • Fireboat No. 1 (Landmark)
  • William Ross Rust House (Landmark)
  • Murray Morgan Bridge (Landmark)

Ruston Way, a waterfront area north at Downtown Tacoma, hosts several must-visit public parks. Among them are Old Town Dock, Hamilton Park, Les Davis Pier, and Marine Park. These parks are linked by a multi-use trail and interspersed with various business and food establishments.