Technology for Bathrooms

Our everyday lives continue to be impacted by the latest technology — especially in our homes. Many products have been created to bring more technology to bathrooms. For tech-savvy homeowners seeking to renovate, some products may be worth considering as a means to update and automate your home.

Technology for Bathrooms

(Pixabay / midascode)

Here’s a look at some high-tech innovations you could use in your bathroom:

  • Smart toilets — While it may be hard to imagine how your toilet could be more than it already is, innovators have found a way. Some smart toilets are equipped with LED lights and can even clean themselves. Other smart toilets do not require the use of your hand or toilet paper, and instead, spray your derrière with temperature-controlled water and dry it with an automatic dryer. Some toilets also feature a motion sensor that will raise and lower toilet lids.
  • Soaking tubs — The soaking tub has a new, modern concept. It is a stand-alone tub with no surrounding shower and is similar to soaking tubs you would find in Japan. The tub faucets are sleek and modern, with the pipes coming up from the floor and pouring over into the tub. The new soaking tubs use sleek and modern materials, such as copper and carved stone.
  • Digital faucets — While many public restrooms have been using digital faucets for a long time, there are now more aesthetically pleasing digital faucets that you can use in your home. These types of faucets are meant to conserve resources by releasing water only as needed. These faucets feature touchless technology and a digital temperature-control setting.
  • LCD shower panels — This gadget lets you control the temperature, water pressure, and steam and will even play music for you.
  • Waterproof TVs — Many people like to live dangerously and watch TV shows on tablets and phones while bathing. If you love watching TV while soaking in the tub, you may consider buying a waterproof TV. A waterproof TV eliminates the prospect of dropping your phone or tablet in the tub with you.
  • Refrigerated bathroom cabinets — This can be useful if you need to store medications at a specific temperature. If you like having a spa feeling in your bathroom, you could also store beverages in the cabinet, so you don’t have to walk to the kitchen refrigerator.

While some of these innovations may seem over the top, a lot of younger homebuyers are considering them for the conveniences that they offer. Updating your bathroom to include some of these features may help improve the value of your home for future buyers.