The Beauties of the Modern Kitchen

A hundred years ago, many of the appliances we take advantage of in the kitchen didn’t even exist. As technology has advanced throughout the years, it has changed how the kitchen is used in the home. The marriage of smart designing and high-tech appliances in the kitchen has made hosting guests and preparing food a much more comfortable experience.

The Beauties of the Modern Kitchen

(Pixabay / DokaRyan)

When it comes to the setup of your kitchen, having a modern design has a lot of advantages. Modern kitchens are generally more open and also include space for dining. They make smart uses of cabinets and shelving. Islands are a popular feature in most modern designs because of the extra storage that they provide. They also increase counter space, allowing more people to work in the room comfortably.

Other features that you can pick for a modern kitchen include soft closing cabinets and drawers. These extras help maintain a quiet and peaceful kitchen, no matter how hard you slam a drawer. Depending on what kind of cabinetry you pick, your refrigerator can also blend in with the surrounding cabinetry, providing a more uniform and cohesive design.

Having an updated design in your kitchen can help improve the space’s usability, while also enhancing the value of your home. However, these types of improvements are only part of the equation.
Smart technology is making its way into all areas of the home, and the kitchen is no exception. Some of the most modern kitchens utilize the newest and best technology. Most smart kitchen appliances connect to your smartphone to provide the maximum user experience.

Here are some of the high-tech appliances you can now include in your kitchen:

Programmed coffee maker — If you like to brew coffee in the morning before you go to work, but don’t enjoy having to wait for your cup of Joe, you can purchase a smart coffee maker. You can schedule the time you want it to brew your coffee, so a cup is waiting for you right when you wake up.

Touch faucets — These have been on the market for some time now, but are still a nice feature to incorporate into a kitchen. Instead of having to turn your faucet on with a handle, you can simply touch the faucet to start the water flowing. This feature can be useful if you tend to get messy hands in the kitchen.

Smart ovens — Ovens are one of the main appliances in a kitchen. Newer smart ovens often have convection oven features, while also having touchscreen controls. Additionally, some oven versions have apps with them that will notify you when your dish is ready. These ovens can turn themselves to a warming setting once the timer has run out. If you are prone to burning food in the oven, this could be a useful feature to have.

Smart refrigerator — These Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerators come with a lot of extra features. Most include an LCD screen that you can watch TV on, make calls through, or pull up recipes on. If you want a refrigerator that can do it all (except cleaning itself), this high-tech option might be a good investment.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the upgrades you can make to modernize your kitchen. While the ideal kitchen differs from person to person, having the latest technology paired with a modern, intuitive design in your kitchen can help make the space a pleasure to work and spend time in.