Things to Consider Before a Shower Remodel

If you live in an older house, one that was built before the ‘80s, you may be considering a shower remodel. Most likely, your shower area does not bring a smile to your face anymore, especially if you have seen beautiful, modern options in home improvement stores or magazines.

Things to Consider Before a Shower Remodel

(Pixabay / midascode)

A new shower can go a long way in appreciating the value of your home. Before you plunge into the remodel, however, there are some important things to consider:

  • Is the tub necessary – How often do you use your tub? If you’re relying mainly on the shower, you may want to ditch the bathtub altogether in favor of a more functional shower area.
  • Type of showerhead – A standard showerhead is just the starting point. There are all kinds of different upgrades: body sprayers, rain heads, and more. Bear in mind, though, that when you choose a fancy type of shower head, your expenses will go up. Not only will you be shelling out for the showerhead, you may need to pay for plumbing adjustments.
  • Showerhead height – How tall are you? Make sure you can stand comfortably under your showerhead. Some people make the mistake of installing it too low only to end up with an uncomfortable shower experience.
  • Control placement – Some shower controls are installed in an area that can only be reached after getting into the shower. That means that you will be doused with the initial spray, usually cold, when you turn on the controls. Position the controls in a place where you can manipulate them while standing outside the shower.
  • Safety bars – People may only associate safety bars with hospital bathrooms, but they can be a very helpful safety feature. Aesthetically designed grab bars can be judiciously placed for enhanced safety. Remember that people often slip on the wet flooring of the shower. You can prevent falls by holding onto the grab bars.
  • A place to rest – A shower seat is not only for the elderly and the handicapped. It is a luxury add-on that will lend added comfort to your shower experience. Many people love their shower seats for ease in shaving their legs. If you are concerned with monopolizing too much space, consider installing a fold-up seat that is securely attached to the wall.
  • Add storage space – Create niches on walls to hold your shampoo, bath soap, and other extras that you need for your shower. Wall niches often look nicer and cleaner than a shower caddy.

Design wisely, and your shower will add style and comfort for the present and financial rewards when you go to sell your home.