Three Tips to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter

Holidays are here, and Jack Frost will be visiting your home. Are you ready? With colder temperatures upon us, is your home ready with proper insulation or prepared against freezing pipes? It’s time to winter-proof your home.

Three Tips to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter

Trim your trees neatly

It’s easy to pinpoint the problem when your gutter gets clogged up with leaves. Blame those trees. Clean up the mess by cutting branches away from the gutters ahead of time. As winter brings snow and rain, the water should be able to flow and drain from your roof with no hassle.

Verify proper insulation

Which part of your home should be the most insulated? Your attic. Your roof is where most heat escapes during cold days, so proper insulation is a must. A well-insulated attic could minimize the amount of heat loss, providing warmth inside and reduce energy bills. Don’t forget to seal leaking windows, doors, and wall cavities, too.

Take Care of the Pipes and Faucets

Water pipes can burst and flood your home when frozen. Wrap them with insulating sleeves to reduce heat transfer. For water faucets outside the house, cover them with hose bib covers. And if you have a cabin that is constantly exposed to cold temps, better leave a faucet on a slow drip to keep pipes from completely freezing.

Be responsible. Keep your household warm, safe, and well-insulated. We’re not just talking about heating the house, but also reducing your heating costs.