Tips for a Termite-free Home

Termites are on the top of the list of headaches for homeowners. Termites favor warm and moist environments with easy access to wood from the soil. Even if you take measures to prevent their entry into your home, termites are a persistent bunch and will keep on trying until they reach their target – wood.

Tips for a Termite-free Home

(Pixabay / KalsiGagan)

There are ways to prevent termite infestation in your home. The first step is to create a barrier between the foundation of your home and the place where termites live. Landscaping and mulch must be kept at least a foot away from the foundation. Otherwise, you might as well lay out a welcome mat for the termites.

Ask the contractor of your home to keep the siding about 6 inches or more above the ground. Siding that touches the soil provides an entry point for termites.

If you are planting bushes or shrubs around your house, keep them a few inches away from your home. Letting the shrubs or bushes touch the siding of the house is another open invitation for termites. Piles of firewood and debris near the home also provide a gateway for termite activities. Keep them a safe distance from the house.

Make sure that your home is airtight. Termites enter the house through small cracks in the foundation, basement walls, vents, window seals, attic, and eaves. The slightest opening can let termites in.

It is important that you regularly clean your downspouts and gutters. The stagnant and accumulated debris in those areas creates an environment in which termites can thrive.

Make sure to have your home (and any wooden structures in your yard) regularly inspected for termite activity. Call in pest control at the first signs of trouble. The worst thing you could do is wait until the problem spirals out of control.