Tips To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Summertime is here, and that means hot weather. To ensure that your home maintains comfortable temperatures during the scorching heat outside, see to it that your air conditioner and home insulation is maintained. Here’s how you can care of each of your home’s most important cooling components so that you can cool down at your convenience.

Tips To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners use a fair amount of energy which can mean increased utility costs. Get the biggest bang for your buck by properly maintaining your furnace and cooling systems.

Make sure to have at least an annual inspection or tune-up.
Don’t forget the program your thermostat to not run while you’re at work or regularly away from home. This will save on unnecessary cooling runtime and lower your operational costs.

See to it to check or replace filters on air conditioning units at least once a month (quarterly for some units).

Keep plants from growing and other materials away from the outside condenser units of air conditioners. This will help ensure unintentional interruptions.

Home Insulation

Contrary to the belief of many, home insulation does more than keep your home heated during the winter. Insulation keeps the temperature sustained regardless of the season. That means that insulation keeps your home staying cool during the summer, too.

Do a visual inspection of your home’s exterior to check for any spot in need of a weatherstripping or new caulk. This helps minimize escape points that the good, cool air can get out, and the unwanted hot air can sneak in.

Get an energy audit. Using proper heat scanning technologies, energy auditors can find gaps in your walls that air may be flowing through that you can’t even see. Closing these gaps maximizes the cold air that your air conditioner outputs.

Summer heat comes fast. Make sure your home is running efficiently. You’ll thank yourself as you relax comfortably in your climate controlled home.