Top 7 Bathroom Remodel Tips

Many people embarking on home remodeling projects in Seattle start with the kitchen and bathrooms. While revamping these rooms can do a lot to improve the look and feel of your home, it’s understandable that you’ll want to stay within budget, too.

Top 7 Bathroom Remodel Tips

(Pixabay / midascode)

Try the following bathroom remodeling tips to keep your expenditures to a minimum:

  1. Have everything ready – Make sure that you order the materials needed for your bathroom remodel well in advance. Some items may take longer than others to ship and could stall your project and drive up manpower costs. You can avoid delays by having your full range of materials ready before you start tearing down your old bathroom.
  2. Widen your options when you shop – Home improvement centers could have a limited selection of the things you need for your remodel, such as bathtubs and vanities. Expand your choices by searching other vendors, including online stores.
  3. Plan your storage – Cabinets that protrude from walls eat up a lot of space and diminish the beauty of your bathroom. Consider building recessed shelves, including in-shower storage for shampoo and toiletries.
  4. Use accent tiles – Mosaic and glass tiles are expensive, but you don’t have to use them all throughout your bathroom. Use a few well-placed accents on the shower walls.
  5. Curved shower rod – You will be surprised at how much space you can add to your shower area by installing a curved shower rod instead of a straight one.
  6. Update your bathroom lighting – Old light fixtures can really age a room. Include new versions in your bathroom remodel plans so you can lay out the cables before adding finishing touches.
  7. Splurge on something you love – Make room in your budget to splurge on something that gives a lot of bang for the buck, such as the countertop. You can trim back costs in a number of areas, but remember to add a few “wow” factors.

If you are looking to launch a bath remodel in Seattle, contact Interior Remodel Specialists. If you spend your money wisely, you can achieve a very dynamic look without breaking the bank.