Trees Can Be Bad for Homes?

Trees are not only beautiful but they are also very useful. Fruit-bearing trees provide delicious and natural snacks that are jam packed with nutrients. Tree also provides a great deal of raw materials to make a wide variety of items such as paper, furniture and even clothing. Trees also provide shade, oxygen, and natural beauty.

Trees Can Be Bad for Homes?

While trees are indeed beautiful and practical to have around the home, did you know that there are some precautions that you should be aware of? Trees that are planted or that grow close to homes do provide added function and curb appeal, but they could also lead to costly and dangerous situations.

Some tree specifies tend to grow a great deal of height for a long period of time. Its roots will naturally grow larger and longer at the same time, which can eventually damage the foundation of a home. It is the nature of trees to seek out nutrients and water. As the tree roots expand to accomplish this, they can exploit the smallest of cracks inside the foundation of a home. Once a tree root has penetrated the foundation of your home it is only a matter of time before the crack is enlarged and your home becomes susceptible to water leaks and flood damage.

Likewise, trees can find small holes in sewer pipes. Once a sewer pipe is punctured by a tree root it can cause extensive damage in your yard.

Another problem that could occur when trees are too close to a home is its leaves and branches can do some serious damage as well. Leaves can clog rain gutters. When this happens, water can seep into your home’s attic and walls and require extensive flood restoration of your drywall and floors.

Branches that grow near windows can potentially break glass or puncture a roof on a windy day. Nearby branches are not only a potential hazard during storms, but they can allow varmints into your home’s attic. Once a wild animal calls your house home they can leave toxic waste and fecal build up in your attic.

Although trees can cause a great deal of problems to a home, it does not mean that it should never be part of the residential property. To balance safety with the natural beauty of trees, be considerate of where you’re planting. Avoid planting too close to your home. If you have existing trees nearby, trim their branches away from windows. Allow your trees to bring you it’s many benefits in a safe manner.