Washington State: Home of America’s Air Force Bases

Interior Remodel Specialists would like to recognize National Aviation Month. It’s an annual celebration dedicated to recognizing our country’s great contributions in the field of aviation. Let’s take a trip back in history to explore the evolution of aviation.

Washington State: Home of America’s Air Force Bases

The Pioneers

Orville Wright together with his brother, Wilbur Wright were pioneers of the world’s first free controlled flight and powered airplane that took off on December 17, 1903. The project was accomplished through a lifetime of work and commitment. It was their unending devotion and motivation that made the historic flight successful.

Washington’s Aviation History

It started in 1917 when the people of Pierce County, Washington bought land to donate to the Federal Government. The land was converted by the government into a military conservation and became Camp Lewis, later named Fort Lewis. Years later they established an airfield base near the military reservation.

The first airport in Washington was named Tacoma Field. It officially opened in March 1930. In 1940, it was transferred and was renamed as McChord Field to honor Colonel William Caldwell McChord, a junior military aviator, killed in an accident. McChord then expanded to 3,000 acres two decades later.

Washington Military Bases

Some of the airforce bases built in Washington include the Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane and the McCord Air Force Base in Tacoma. The Fairchild Air Force Base, named after a World War II General Muir Fairchild. McCord Air Force Base, on the other hand, is much larger than the Joint Base Lewis-McCord located in the Puget Sound area of Washington.

The two army bases located in Washington include Fort Lewis Army Base and the Yakima Training Center Army Base. Fort Lewis Army Base, named after Meriwether Lewis, was part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Yakima Training Center Army Base used to be the temporary camp for army training.

The Navy bases that are situated in Washington are:

  • NAS Whidbey Island (Oka Harbor), named after the US Navy Commander killed in action by the Japanese fighter planes.
  • Naval Hospital Bremerton (Bremerton), provides urgent medical care to the US Navy Service.
  • Navy Base Kitsap (Silverdale), home for several tenants and in-between units.
  • NS Everett (Everett), considered among the most advanced military based operated by the US Navy Military.

Interior Remodel Specialists is pleased to have so many Air Force Bases and military installations in our home State. Thank you for the good work you do, and we honor you.