Washington State St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

Saint Patrick is probably the most celebrated patron saint all over the world, even if we don’t know it. St. Patrick’s Day is a day of fun, regardless of beliefs. Washington State alone has the following activities scheduled to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day. Check out these events and mark your calendars.

Washington State St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

• St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Celebration at Downtown Bremerton, WA – Participants of the parade can pretend to be an Irish for a day; kiss the Brem-larney Stone to receive the gift of eloquence of speech, or even dress up as a leprechaun and take selfies. The parade culminates with festivities and entertainment done Irish-style at the Kitsap Conference Center.

• St. Patrick’s Parade for Dogs and Kids – This parade is the perfect opportunity for kids and dog lovers to join the merry-making. TBe creative and imaginative and you might just win the “Top Dog” Award. Be sure to come early and with high spirits since judging will be done prior to the start of the parade.

• Cashmere St. Patrick’s Day Parade – This parade at the Cottage Street in Cashmere. Get there early if you want to join in and enjoy the fun and action.

• St. Paddy’s Day at Barnard Griffin Winery – For people who want to combine celebrating St. Patrick’s Day festivities with wine tasting, this is the event for you. Drop by the Barnard Griffin Tasting Room verandah and have a relaxing and unique St. Patrick’s Day experience. Barnard Griffin is the best family-owned winery in Washington.