Ways for Washington Residents be Ocean-Conscious

In Washington, you can find the Olympic Peninsula, a magical place showing off snow-capped peaks, lush evergreen forests, and driftwood-covered coastlines. Also, the Pacific Coast is located in this area, making Washington definitely a beautiful and healthy coastal state.

Ways for Washington Residents be Ocean-Conscious

Since Washington is very blessed with this beauty, then it is just right for its residents to take good care of the ocean to maintain its beauty and health. As this may pose to be a challenging task, here are some of the simple steps to be conscious of the ocean and be successful in maintaining its health.

Be mindful with what you put down your drains as contents end up in the seas, most often than not. Don’t throw down any hazardous wastes such as pesticides, cleaners, solvents and paints in the drain. Dispose of used motor oil properly, too.

Don’t dump chemicals onto the soil or down storm drains. Products with mercury content such as CFL bulbs, thermometers and old batteries should be turned over to your local mercury disposal center for proper and efficient disposal.

Keep your plumbing in excellent condition. Use water in a limited and conservative quantity. This ensures that nothing toxic leaks to the ocean. Limiting your water use also helps save our depleting natural resources, which may contribute more to the causes of ocean pollution in the near future.

Differentiate sustainably caught seafood from the prohibited kinds. Be wary in purchasing seafood. Make sure it has been harvested in a sustainable manner. If not, don’t hesitate to tell the world about it.

Don’t litter on the coastline. Throw your waste in the proper place and exert an effort in joining an underwater or beach clean-up group.

These steps might seem trivial to some, but these steps are life-saving techniques that would save the ocean from harm and pollution.