Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Upgrading your bathroom does not mean you have to tear down everything that exists and build a new one. Adding and replacing some little things, when done right, could make a big difference in improving its look.

Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

(Pixabay / topdollardj)

The following are some simple upgrades that you could make on your own:

  • Add features – The same look, no matter how attractive it may be, can get old over time. You can add some new items, such as a dramatic mirror or glass with chrome accent shelves and towel bars. Give the walls a new coat of paint, with the lower half in one color and the upper half in a contrasting color.
  • Improve cabinet efficiency – If you happen to have deep cabinets, add pullout shelves to allow you to access things more easily. The sliding shelves will help you get more organized and find things quicker.
  • Use white field tiles – White field tiles are a lot cheaper than other types of tile. They can be used as a finish in the shower surround and for the lower portion of the bathroom walls as a contrast to your floor tile.
  • Keep wooden crates – Do not toss old wooden crates. They could be ideal for holding rolled bath towels, toilet paper, and air freshener.
  • Repurpose furniture – Do not toss that nightstand that nobody uses. Give it a coat of white paint, and use it as storage for hand towels, hair tools, toiletries, and makeup.
  • Switch out light fixtures – Replace your dated lighting with something new and dramatic, such as a layered glass light fixture, to add sparkle to your bathroom. 
  • Replace your countertop – Replace your old bathroom surface with a stylish new iteration.

If you live in Washington State and are looking to do some Tacoma home remodeling, you don’t have to break the bank. There are many improvements you can make on your own, starting with a small-scale bath remodel in Tacoma that packs a big punch.