What’s the Most Important Room in Your Home?

Most people agree that the kitchen is the hub of the home. Studies can be cozy, bedrooms can give us privacy and facilitate sleep, family rooms are nice for watching movies or visiting with company, but it’s hard to outdo the kitchen in terms of sheer importance in day-to-day activities.

What’s the Most Important Room in Your Home?

(Pixabay / paulbr75)

Here are just a few reasons we believe the kitchen is king:

  • Place for family bonding – The kitchen has evolved dramatically from the small cooking shelter located outside the home to the open space where meals are prepared and family members come to bond. Kids do homework and families talk about the day’s events in the kitchen. Family members prepare food together and linger at the dinner table to plan and discuss politics. Though meaningful conversations can happen anywhere in the home, they are most likely to happen in today’s larger and more accommodating kitchens.
  • Eating epicenter – It used to be that the kitchen was for food preparation only, and eating happened elsewhere—often in a formal dining room. Today’s kitchens usually accommodate islands or tables that the family can gather around for meals. Eating is non-negotiable; everyone has to do it—multiple times per day. This makes the kitchen a natural gathering place.
  • The new living room – Today’s roomy kitchens can accommodate more guests. So rather than gathering in the family or living room, visitors often congregate in the kitchen. You can set hors d’oeuvres out on the counter rather than dragging them into the living room where they could spill on the carpet. You can also chat with your guests while you are finishing food preparations. Many kitchens are even big enough to accommodate entertainment, such as stereo speakers or small TVs, and comfy dining chairs that people can sink into and stay awhile.

In short, today’s kitchens are a far cry from the secluded spaces devoted to cooking only. They are centers of family fun and bonding—the heart of the home.