The Wonderful Landscapes of Washington’s Parks

Residents in Washington State are a lucky bunch because we are blessed with a wonderful landscape and amazing parks, national and state, that cater to every taste in outdoor adventures. In recognition of July being National Parks Month, here are some of popular parks that customers have submitted as their favorites.

The Wonderful Landscapes of Washington’s Parks

1. Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve is the perfect place to see for yourself the traditions in agriculture during years-past when Native and Euro-American first inhabited the state.

2. Fort Vancouver is a National Historic Site that was at the front of fur trading and later on became a military post. This destination offers a glimpse back in time as well as clean fresh mountain air.

3. The amazing landscape at Ice Age Floods showcases floods that once swept across the Pacific Northwest. It is breathtaking to see the marks and features that are remnants of ice age floods.

4. Klondike Gold Rush will give you a glimpse of the olden days of the late 1800s when the gold rush ignited the dreams and ambitions of many.

5. Lake Chelan is a perfect place to set up camp and to take in the majestic scenery of the glacier-topped mountains, lush greeneries, streams and rivers. A perfect place to bring your family and simply enjoy nature.

6. Lake Roosevelt is the go-to place to get in some water sports action. So if you want to enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, camping and other great outdoor adventure, head out to the lake.

7. Lewis and Clark State Park lets you appreciate the rich heritage and culture of the native people.

8. Manhattan Project National Historical Park is a site that gives you a historical glimpse of science and technology that contributed to the creation of the atomic bomb.

9. San Juan Island was once the object of disagreement between the US and Great Britain. And why not? The island is a paradise.