Wood Flooring for Bathrooms

In the past, installing wood flooring in a bathroom would have been a disastrous idea. Since bathrooms have high humidity, there was a high chance that the wood would end up warped or damaged. However, the times have changed since then. Now, thanks to special treatments, hardwood flooring is an excellent option for any bathroom.

Wood Flooring for Bathrooms

(Pixabay / T0113k)

A lot of people prefer wood flooring in their homes. Wood flooring doesn’t attract animal hair like carpeting does. It also doesn’t break or feel as cold as tile does. When it comes to designing bathrooms, most designers opt for white tile and neutral colors because they are timeless and appeal to a larger variety of home buyers. However, utilizing wood instead can help make a bathroom feel warmer while still giving off the same clean and peaceful feeling.

Thanks to powerful ventilation systems in homes as well as improved construction techniques, wood is now on the rise as a bathroom flooring option. Homeowners can choose from a variety of wood floorings including solid hardwood or engineered hardwood in a variety of colors. While there isn’t much of a difference aesthetically between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood, solid is more expensive than engineered. Additionally, engineered hardwood handles moisture better than solid hardwood.

If you’re still concerned that wood flooring might sustain significant water damage, you can mix wood with tile around features of the bathroom where the flooring is most likely to get wet. This might include areas near a shower or bathtub, as well as the toilet. However, if you choose to go this route, it’s crucial that you pick a tile that complements the wood flooring as well as the rest of the features in the bathroom.

Before committing to wood flooring, make sure you know what kind of care your new flooring will need. For example, you may need to sand your wood floors down and refinish them after a certain amount of time to keep them looking nice. If that seems like too much work, consider tile. And if you really want that wood look without actually going with wood, you could opt for tiles that closely resemble the look of wood.

Wood flooring opens up a new world of design options for people who want to give their bathrooms a more homey feel, while still keeping it classy. As you look at ideas for future bathroom remodeling ventures, be sure to put wood on your list of flooring candidates.