Wood Flooring Options

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right flooring material for your home. While wood floors are often a popular choice for homeowners, there are different varieties. It’s important to examine your choice based on appearance, durability, and other factors.

Wood Flooring Options

(Pixabay / Mariamichelle)

Here’s a closer look at popular wood flooring options:

Cork floor

Cork is a popular choice not only because it is a green material but also because it is quiet and comfy to walk on. Cork is a lot softer than hardwood. It is also strong and responds well to foot traffic. When cared for properly, cork flooring has a long lifespan. The downside of cork flooring is that it dents under the weight of furniture, making it necessary to use protective coasters.

Bamboo floor

Bamboo flooring is famous for its sustainability and eco-friendliness. High-quality bamboo floor coated with aluminum oxide is very durable and beautiful. However, some overseas manufacturers of bamboo flooring have flooded the market with cheap but low-quality products. It is important that you check the source of your bamboo flooring if you want a high-quality iteration that will last.

Hardwood floor

Solid hardwood flooring is highly durable to the point that it might even outlast you. Hardwood flooring can take all forms of punishment in high-traffic homes and still look great. If you choose the right type of wood for your flooring, you can finish and re-finish your floors several times in your lifetime for a brand new look each time.

Laminate floor

Laminate flooring is a smart alternative to bamboo, hardwood, and cork flooring if you are on a budget. While laminate floors may not have quite the richness of hardwood, they are perfect for oft-traversed areas of your home. Laminate flooring has a high-density fiberboard core with a transparent resin that holds up well under all kinds of abuse. Laminate flooring is resistant to moisture and direct sunlight. It is a budget-friendly option for your flooring material.

All of these options can serve you well. It comes down to your budget, aesthetic preferences, and the function of the areas that your flooring will cover.