World Oceans Day: Ways for Washington Residents be Ocean-Conscious

In Washington, we’re fortunate to neighbor the Olympic Peninsula, a magical place showing off snow-capped peaks, lush evergreen forests, and driftwood-covered coastlines. The local beauty is complimented by the vast Pacific Coast.

World Oceans Day: Ways for Washington Residents be Ocean-Conscious

Since Washington welcome such natural beauty it is equally our responsibility to care for our waterways. Taking good care of the ocean to maintain its beauty and health is what World Oceans Day promotes.

Here are some simple considerations fellow Washington residents can keep in mind to promote a healthy ocean and other waterways.

  • Be mindful with what you put down the drains as contents often end up in the seas. Don’t throw away any hazardous wastes such as pesticides, cleaners, solvents or paints down the drain. Dispose of used motor oil properly, too. Don’t dump chemicals onto the soil or down storm drains, either.
  • Products with mercury content such as CFL bulbs, thermometers and old batteries should be turned over to local disposal centers that can handle hazardous waste properly.
  • Use water only as-needed. Practice conservative quantity use. Limiting your water use helps save our depleting natural resources.
  • Differentiate sustainably caught seafood from the less sustainable methods.
  • Don’t litter on the coastline, or anywhere. Throw your waste in the proper place and if you can find the time, join a beach clean-up group or adopt a highway to clean.

These steps might seem trivial to some, but small steps are often the difference in big success stories. Help save our oceans this World Oceans Day.